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In The Stude: Reinterpreting My Grandmother's Prints

It might be blasphemy to alter one of my grandmother's famous prints, Llama-Llama, but horizontal lines are hard to wear and a headache to cut for garments.  I do love my grandmothers original, especially the way each hand-drawn llama is ever-so-slightly different if you look closely enough.  I'll bring back the original in the future, but at the moment I'm planning to print shirts and dresses with this design and I want my llamas distributed randomly like a happy herd in the Andes of Peru.  With the help of Illustrator and a random number generator I created a design, then altered the edges of my design so that it would repeat seamlessly.  I took the image to a local silkscreen shop who burned my updated llamas to a screen and then I tested out my print on a new set of business cards.  What do you think?  Which version do you prefer?
Llama llama print by SilviascreenSilvania business cardSilvania business card


  • Kumiko

    How cute! I used to lived in Lima Peru, and remember to make a red and black one piece…

  • LlamasRcute

    Clever and creative. Thanks for sharing, I love it so cute!!! =)

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