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Design Philosophy

When I design a new collection, I think of the inspiring women in my life.  I think of my friends, my idols, my mom, and the women in my family.  As I imagine each woman, I wonder what style would flatter her body; which features does she like to accentuate, and which would she rather keep covered?  What does her lifestyle demand from her clothing?  What details might make her life easier?

I draw the clothing patterns myself and sew prototypes to check the design.  Often, I will create three to six prototypes to get the fit just right.  Then I select one of my grandmother’s fabric prints choose colors.  My aim is to not only choose beautiful prints in vibrant colors, but to create palettes that will flatter a variety of skin tones. 

My biggest inspirations are real women who I admire, many of whom are at the peak of their careers, some are mothers, and quite a few are frequent travelers.  The greatest thing about fashion, to me, is the power of clothing to make us feel confident and comfortable.  Before I began designing my own clothing, I was constantly on the hunt for that rare dress that I could throw on and instantly feel great about how I looked.  These are the dresses I now strive to design, to make strong women feel even stronger.

Silvania Dresses 

  1. Classic silhouettes designed to flatter.

Our dresses designed to complement a range of body shapes.

  1. Made to go from work to play

Our styles cut to be office-appropriate, yet they are festive enough for a night out on the town.  Our fabrics are durable and easy to wash, so go ahead and wear them while you play with kids and pets.

  1. Exceptionally comfortable

Not only do we use some of the softest cotton you can find, our interlock has stretch, so you will never be pinched, squeezed, or rubbed the wrong way.

  1. Easy to travel with

Our organic pima cotton interlock is naturally wrinkle-resistent.  Pull your dress out of your suitcase, shake it out, and put it on.

  1. The highest quality materials and construction

Pima cotton is renowned for softness, luster, and durability.  We print our organic pima cotton fabrics with long-lasting dyes that won’t fade in the wash.

  1. Easy to launder

Our 100% organic pima cotton dresses are low-maintenance.  Go ahead and toss them in the washing machine.  Our fabrics are preshrunk (although excessive heat from the dryer can still cause some shrinking – use the cool setting!).  They are also iron-friendly, although we doubt you’ll need it.