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New Printed Cotton Placemats

Silvania Fauna de la Costa Placemat with caprese salad

These 100% cotton placemats just arrived from Peru.  My grandmother Silvia was inspired by ancient Peruvian depictions of shore birds, fish, and frogs when she created the "Fauna de la Costa" (Spanish for "fauna of the coast") print.  The "Pasto" (Spanish for "pasture") print below depicts a typical Andean scene with llamas, birds, flowers, and plants.  Choose from red with burgundy or turquoise with dark blue.  Get them this month and receive free shipping on domestic orders.

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Silvnaia Pasto Placemat



Production notes: Fabric
I found this lovely fabric in great condition in the old Silvania printing factory, leftover from the days when my grandmother had several shops in Lima.  Woven at a well known mill in Lima, La Union, this fabric waited in storage for close to 20 years.  I showed it to a few textile experts to make sure it did not show any signs of wear.  Thanks to Chaclacayo's sunny, dry conditions, it held up really well.

Silvania production fabric screenprinting

Production notes: Printing 
I met Modesto and Jorge years ago, before they set up their own printing factory in an industrial neighborhood of Lima, Peru.  Modesto, Jorge, and their employees use eco-friendly water-based inks to print on their industrial screenprinting machine.

Silvania production fabric screenprinting

Production notes: Sewing
I found a great woman-owned workshop through the recommendation of a friend in the small town of Chaclacayo, in the outskirts of Lima.  Julia's workshop is just down the road from our family home, so I introduced myself through the gate and was shown the small workshop where Julia and around ten employees work above Julia's family home.  They impressed me with their high-quality sewing and their tradition of sharing homemade lunches together every workday.



  • Georgia Kirkpatrick

    Silvania products will be available in Lima in a few months! We are still working out the details, so please check back in mid to late October to learn more. I will announce the stores on the blog, Facebook, instagram, and in the newsletter.

  • Patricia Bérninzon

    Where can I get them in Perú?

    Thank you

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