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The Early Days

Bettina von Hagen, Adriana von Hagen, Silvania Prints workshop, Silvania Prints fabrics

I unearthed this contact sheet in an old family photo album. That’s my mom and auntie with the book, the original Silvania fabric-printing workshop, and two fabrics designed by my grandmother, inspired by ancient Peruvian art.


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  • Anne Evans

    I am hand rolling the edges of a 36 inch length of the above lower right hand fabric in a lovely turquoise to use as a scarf. I purchased the fabric in Peru in 1980 and have been googling to see if I can find any info about it. Thank you for your blog! Good luck with your endeavor! I have also lived in Portugal as a teenager and have seen the cork trees.

  • Deanna McHose

    I lived in Peru from 1967 to 1974 and while there I fell madly in love with the fabrics from Sylvania Prints. I even participated in a charity runway modeling show featuring the clothing from Sylvania Prints. I was one of the models for the long skirts. I came across a handful of fabric samples just a week ago and old memories came racing through my mind. I did some online research and found the cotton fabric apparently isn’t made anymore. I have 2 of the original totes from that era. SP was a little ahead of its time producing totes for going to market. Life has a way of making twists and turns and I now have a fledgling occupation/ small business of making bags and purses. It was entirely logical and natural for me to refocus on Sylvania Prints because of my fondness for the designs. And the COLORS!! My goodness! the colors were amazing. Vivid. Strong. And, the designs were enthralling and fascinating. I look at my little cotton fabrics samples, around 2 inches by 4 inches, and feel like I have gold nugget in my hands. I have never found cotton fabric that even comes close to the quality that was produced in Peru of Peruvian cotton by Sylvania Prints. I was so disappointed to learn the company has been dissolved. By the way,two of my daughters were born there; Michele in Lince and Karen in Miraflores. I wish you the best with your new company. I hope some day you will go back to Peru and bring the same colors, designs, and fabrics from Sylvania Prints here to the US. I for one thought the company was amazing. Yours truly, Dee McHose

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