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Georgia with cork fabric.

Two years ago, my auntie Adriana traveled to Portugal and brought me back a cork purse. I had never heard of “cork fabric” and was quite delighted by it. My purse feels like leather, but it is made from the bark of cork trees in Portugal. Cork is harvested by periodically separating the bark from the tree without causing permanent damage to the tree. Yeah, the tree is left standing. I had no idea. The thing that surprises me most about my cork purse is how durable it is. I have uncorked more than my fair share of wine bottles, and those bottle corks break all the time. My cork purse is a different story. After using it for well over a year, it looks as good as new. Oh, and it’s waterproof.

Cork Tree.  Source: Pinterest

I recently took to the internet to find a cork fabric distributor in Portugal, and just yesterday this lovely cork fabric landed in my sewing studio. I’ll start by making wristlet purses, which I will post photos of in the next few weeks. I would love to get your feedback on them.

Trunk Show at Union Rose
For those of you in Portland, please join Union Rose owner Rita Hudson-Evalt and me. We will serve bubbly and snacks while you shop the upcoming Silvania cork purse collection, the spring/summer dress collection, and take an extra 10% off the Union Rose sales rack.
Friday, June 15th
4pm - 7pm
7909 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215
Please RSVP here:

For those of you outside of Portland, find updates on new products in my upcoming blog posts, sign up for my newsletter ( and by following me on social media.


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