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Nine years ago, newly graduated from college with a biology degree and an amateur interest in fashion, I traveled to Peru.  I had spent the previous four years preparing to enter the workforce in the field of environmental conservation and community development, though I had not figured out exactly how to do that. Then, my junior year, it hit me.  My grandmother had become one of my closest friends in my teenage years, and now, heartbreakingly, she was suffering from a fatal illness.  I flew across the Atlantic a few times that year to be near her, and the rest of the time, she was on my mind a lot.  I had grown up wearing the fabrics she designed, printed in her...

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El Comercio

Among the postcards: a clipping from El Comercio about Silvania when my mamama closed her Miraflores shop in 2004. I was with her in Lima when they wrote the article, feeling my first sparks of inspiration not to let Silvania go.

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Silvania ca. 2003

I made this photo album when I was 17. I took this pamphlet from the Miraflores Silvania Prints store in 2003, the year my grandmother closed the business. She was too stubborn to sell it, but I'm glad. She inadvertently saved the business for me. Pictured are Silvia, Ody, Silvania's sewing manager for 40 years, and my aunt Adriana.

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