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Mother's Day Sale

You only have a few more days to prepare for that special day so you'd better get shopping!  Choose something special for your mama from the Silvania shop and enter promotion code mama2013 now through mother's day to save 20% off your entire order.  Two great options below; the Totora dress and Ceterni dress, both in soft organic pima cotton. . a

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The New Look

The ancient messenger of the Inca empire, the chasqui, connected the cultures of ancient Peru by running the Capac Ñan, royal road of the Incas.  Inspiration for the new logo came from one of Silvia's earliest prints of chasqui figures.   The Peruvian postal service released chasqui stamps in the 1970's which helped shape the new logo, as well as the figure Silvia designed for the Inca Highway Expedition. Before she created Silvania Prints, Silvia traveled throughout romote Peru, tracing the ancient Inca highway as the team artist in her early 20's.  The sketches she came back to Lima with became her the first designs she would silkscreen onto fabric.   A map of Capac Ñan adorns the endpapers of Highway of...

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